The History of Microsoft & Its Stock Market Journey

In the year of 1983, Microsoft announced that they began the development of an operating system that was known as Windows. The rest is History as since then, windows has been in use by billions of people all around the globe. In just one year of the release of Windows 3.0 in 1990, Microsoft shipped four million copies to 24 countries and that too in 12 different languages.

One of the world’s richest people in the world is Bill Gates and to no Surprise, he is the co-founder and former chairman of Microsoft. Over the past few decades, Microsoft products have evolved a lot. From a single, one-size-fits-all desktop operating system, they have now released many different application software and their own mobile technology and operating system “Android”.

Today, with the great help of Microsoft products, people all around the world have been able to achieve their dreams and potential at work, home and just about any place. With this, Microsoft were now considered a part of the big giants of the market, this made it the perfect time for them to enter the stock market with the Microsoft stock and without many problems, the Microsoft stock was now considered a major immediate threat to other stocks of the market.

In the next few years, Microsoft went on to establish themselves as a major part of the stock market which has now led to them being one of the top 5 big giant companies of the world, other include the likes of Apple and Amazon.

Nowadays, Microsoft is not only known very well for their computer operating systems but also for their various different products and killer business deals which they happen to get. It is safe to say that Microsoft is one of the world’s leading computer technology companies in developing, manufacturing, licensing and support solutions and products. In fact, nowadays, Microsoft is one of the words which every individual comes to know in the early ages of computer introduction. Microsoft Word, Excel and Power point being a few of them. I am sure you have also learnt about them in the early days!

Now obviously, since Microsoft is a huge part of our common life, there are many investors and traders who will want to purchase a few shares. If you are one of them who are looking forward to buying Microsoft stock, I would suggest you to do some research first regarding the risks involved as obviously you do not want to lose your money while investing.

One must always keep in mind that in the financial stock market, fluctuations are a common part of any journey which means you must not be afraid of the up and downs in the prices of stocks. However, if the price is on the rise and you haven’t invested yet, I would recommend you waiting until the prices go down again. This way you can purchase a larger amount of share for the same price as before. Nevertheless, financial advises from professionals is still needed so go ahead and meet one!

Author: admin1